Photography Services

Each day, we’re bombarded by images. In print and on our screens, from every direction, our brains are subjected to a visual overload like never before. How do you break through the noise?

Don’t settle for mediocre, overused stock photos- you’ll hurt the credibility of your visual branding efforts. You need compelling and original images that force people to stop. That engage and hold their attention. That communicate something words can’t.

You need something different. — I'm different.

Photography Coaching and Workshops

I’ve spent years exploring Iceland, Norway, Greenland, Svalbard and the Faroe Islands, and gathered valuable geographical information about the Nordic countries. I’ve also built a reliable network of local partners, including small airlines for aerial photography, modeling agencies, film producers, and professional equipment rentals.

My services for companies and agencies

  • Professional organization of photo shoots, project management and administration
  • Creative support for idea and concept development
  • Extensive and valuable partner network
  • Professional post-production, color grading and retouching
  • Location-scouting for photo and film productions
  • Corporate art and consulting
  • Commercial video and image licensing
  • Comprehensive image library with 2,000+ photgraphs of the Nordic countries: use keywords for a targeted search or explore collections sorted by location, color, or mood
Phone: +49 160 5726058

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My approach

With a professional background in marketing and web design, I can conceptualize a client’s project from both sides, and deliver photos for use in any format. My unique combination of competencies, coupled with my deep knowledge and passion for the Nordic countries, allow me to deliver strong value from start to finish.

My aim is to offer emotionally engaging images that truly stand out, and present a fresh perspective on motifs of the North. Strong, well-thought out images are timeless. They will continue to provide intrinsic value to your brand for years to come. I’m constantly pushing myself, and my photography, into the frontier- let’s talk about how I can help take your company farther.

Photography Services
Phone: +49 160 5726058

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