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In addition to my photo series, I also offer 4K video for commercial licensing, with a clear focus on abstract aerial landscapes.

Video licensing by Northlandscapes

As a professional photographer and videographer, I’ve noticed a constantly increasing demand for unique and fresh video footage. It can take hours to scan through the archives of stock agencies, only to end up with worn-out video clips of mediocre quality. — I offer inspirational video footage with a unique perspective on Nordic landscapes that have an artistic and abstract feel.

Video library

The following playlist features a selection of video clips that represent the focus of my work very well. I'm happy to assist you in putting together a selection of video footage on a special subject for your project, or you can browse the archive yourself and save your selection.

Sample videos available for licensing:

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For most of the scenes, there is 60-90 seconds of footage - the clips show only excerpts. Most of the footage was captured in Iceland and Norway, though you will also find scenes from the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Abstract aerial videos for Licensing

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Accompanying image series

For the vast majority of videos, an accompanying image series from the same location can be found under my published series or upon request. This link also provides you with an overview of all aerial photo series from recent years, which are also available for licensing.

Accompanying image series


  • High quality 4K video footage
  • Simple and fair licensing model
  • Accompanying image series for most video clips
  • Unique material, never published on any stock agency
  • Exclusive use possible in most cases
  • Custom video editing / color grading possible

Sample videos:

Sample 01 — Glacier river Þjórsá in South Iceland with small ice floes

Sample 02 — Active Lava Lake of the Fagradalsfjall eruption in Iceland

Sample 03 — Braided yellow river flowing into the Atlantic ocean in southern Iceland

Sample 04 — Waves and small islands of volcanic black sand on the coast of South Iceland

Sample 05 — Braided glacier river system in the remote Highlands of Iceland

Sample 06 — Beach with black volcanic sand on the south coast of Iceland

Sample 07 — Small stream in the Westfjords of Iceland flowing over orange sandy beach

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I'm happy to assist you in putting together a selection of footage on a special subject for your project.

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Abstract Iceland from Above

This is an 18-minute compilation of 50+ video clips showing the abstract beauty of Iceland from a bird's eye view. Most of the footage was captured in the Highlands and on the south coast of the volcanic island.