Most Important Photography Awards for Landscape Photographers

The Most Important Photography Awards for Landscape Photographers

I have gathered the ten most important photography awards that landscape photographers should have their eye on, with prize money up to $120,000.

1. Fine Art Photography Award (FAPA)

The FAPA or Fine Art Photography Award has been around since 2014. It has 20 categories (including landscape photography) and two general sections: professionals and amateurs. Awarded every year are the titles Professional Fine Art Photographer of the Year and Amateur Fine Art Photographer of the Year.

Gold, silver, bronze, and white badges are given to the winners and nominees. Cash incentives are also given out to the grand winners: US$3000 for the professional category winner and US$2000 for the amateur category winner.

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2. Sony World Photography Awards

The Sony World Photography Awards is given by the World Photography Organisation in partnership with Sony. It is one of the world’s most respected and popular photography competitions. These categories are broken down into several sub-categories, including landscape photography.

Entry to the competition is FREE, i.e. no payment is needed. Esteemed industry experts who come from different parts of the world judge the entries. The total prize of US$60,000 and Sony digital imaging equipment are handed out to the winners.

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3. The International Landscape Photographer of the Year

The International Landscape Photographer of the Year awards is an annual landscape photography competition that was established by Peter Eastway and David Evans. The competition is open to photographers around the world.

The Best Photograph of the Year and Best Photographer of the Year awardees will receive prizes that total to US$10,000. Five special subject awards are also regularly handed out. The winners get a copy of the awards book – with their photos included.

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4. The International Photography Awards or IPA

This annual award has renowned curators, art collectors, photo editors, art directors, and art collectors as judges. The initial number of photographers competing for the award is 45 – including both non-professional and professional photographers. Three photographers will then be recognized as the top three winners. Likewise, an International Photographer of the Year and a Discovery of the Year will also be chosen.

Entry fee for the IPA competition varies according to category and number of images submitted. The price range is from US$15 to US$60.

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5. PX3 Prix De La Photographie Paris

This photography award started in 2007 and is considered one of Europe’s most popular and most prestigious. It intends to help promote new, promising, and emerging photographers worldwide to Parisian communities and audiences. Selected entries are displayed while winners will get the chance to have their work featured in the PX3 Annual Book.

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6. Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA)

HIPA was established by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum as Dubai’s commitment to art, culture, and innovation. Through the contest, it is hoped that photographers from various parts of the world will be encouraged to embrace and share their artistry, as well as to help national and international arts and culture gain the support and attention it needs.

US$120,000 is usually given out for the grand winner. Special awards are also handed out annually.

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7. The ND Awards / The Neutral Density Photography Awards

The ND Awards is open to all photographers. There are two general categories: professional and non-professional. There are sub-categories, which include landscape photographer. Winners are chosen for each sub-category. A Photographer of the Year and a Discovery of the Year awards are also given. Major prizes are US$2500 and US$1300. Category winners will get US$500 (professional) and US$300 (non-professional) each.

The board of judges is composed of editors, well-respected photographers, gallery owners, and publishers.

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8. MonoVisions Photography Awards

MonoVisions Photography Awards is a black and white photography competition. Photographers vie for the Black and White Photo of the Year and the Black and White Series of the Year awards. Cash prizes that total to US$5000 are up for grabs every year.

Fees for the MonoVisions Photography Awards are at US$25 for single entries and US$30 for series entries.

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9. Monochrome Awards International Black & White Photography Contest

Like the MonoVisions Photography Awards, the Monochrome Awards is for black and white photography. It is open to both amateur and professional photographers. These two general categories have sub-categories, including landscape photography.

Winners will be chosen for each section or general category. The professional section winner is awarded the “Monochrome Photographer of the Year” title and a cash prize of US$2000. The amateur section winner, on the other hand, will receive US$1000 as cash prize and the title of “Monochrome Discovery of the Year”.

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10. Natural Landscape Photography Awards

"The Natural Landscape Photography Awards aims to represent landscape photographers who recognize the power that comes from truthful depiction of the natural world, whether shooting digitally or on film. While other competitions may allow complete freedom in digital manipulation, this competition is for photographers who choose to work within the more traditional bounds of the medium, while still expressing themselves creatively. It addresses the idea that the unique quality photography has over other artistic mediums is its grounding in reality. The competition showcases the skill of these photographers in revealing the wonder of the natural landscape."

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Photography Awards for Landscape Photographers

These are just ten of the most important photography awards for landscape photographers. There are more, but starting with any of these will be a good step ahead. For any landscape photographer who is dedicated to developing his craft and establishing connections – even internationally – these are the ones to take into serious consideration.

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