Links & Inspiration

Over the past decade, I have come to know so many exciting and inspiring people from around the world– both in person and online. Sometimes, the right information at the right time can make all the difference!

I’ve collected the podcasts, websites, and other resources that have been particularly helpful for me as a landscape and travel photographer. I’m sharing them here with the hope that they will be just as inspiring, motivational and educational for you.

Most of the resources below are focused on photography- inspiration and information on the business aspects of photography as a career choice. There are some resources that are more universal, but have been useful to me in terms of motivation, marketing strategies, and overall development of my photography business.

You won’t find many links regarding the “right” gear or technical aspects of photography, since this is very specific to your camera system and personal preference. And the best camera is always the one that’s with you. Don’t focus too much on gear- it has the tendency to stand in the way of what’s most important: creativity.

Inspiring Photographers
Inspiring Music

Music has always been a very important source of inspiration to me, and musical tastes can tell you so much about a person! Please enjoy this Spotify playlist featuring some of my favorite artists.

It’s all about sharing!

Feel free to share your own favorite links with me!